Murphy Cottage, Severn River, Muskoka
Cottage life is the best life.
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Monday 05/10/2021 05:33:59 UTC
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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33 Brian & Deb Palin

Wednesday 07/01/2020 21:54:49 UTC
Happy Canada Day! Stay safe!
32 Don McAdam

Thursday 12/05/2019 13:58:27 UTC
Thanks for having web cam pictures we have our cottage on Flanangan Trail seasonal road and I use your web cam to see weather condition and snow amounts Thanks and regards D McAadam
31 Larry Murphy

Wednesday 12/04/2019 21:20:11 UTC
Good day Folks, A new Murphycottage website has been published. Hope you like it. Some parts are still a work in progress!
30 Brian & Deb Palin

Saturday 08/31/2019 19:36:26 UTC
The weather looks great. Hope you all had a wonderful Labour Day weekend!
29 Brian & Deb Palin

Sunday 07/15/2018 15:52:57 UTC
Another great weekend at the cottage!
28 Nicole Leaper

Saturday 06/02/2018 12:31:47 UTC
Hi Larry and Dora. Just learned about your site from your neighbours Scott and Elaine who we met on a Muskoka Steamship cruise. Small world. Haha. Very cool that you’ve done this! Looking forward to browsing your gallery. And maybe stealing this idea!
27 Isabel Gomes

Sunday 11/05/2017 20:40:23 UTC
Well the cottage is closed and the countdown is on when we can get back in the spring. It becomes a daily routine to take a peek and see the area through your webcam. Where is your cottage located?
26 Brian & Deb Palin

Monday 06/12/2017 19:16:13 UTC
Very much enjoy the web cams!
25 Steve Horn

Sunday 10/23/2016 13:51:52 UTC
Always a little sad to see the chairs disappear and the snow stick sitting on the deck. Have a good winter neighbor.
24 Brian & Deb Palin

Friday 07/08/2016 01:00:47 UTC
The cottage is looking great!! Enjoy!!
23 Pete

Friday 03/13/2015 21:17:22 UTC
Thanks for hosting and sharing this. We have a cottage close by, and it's nice to scope out weather conditions and amount of snow before coming up.
22 Dora

Wednesday 01/14/2015 16:49:23 UTC
Looks like the Murphys are going to have to upgrade their windows to 'Loglark quality'! :o
21 Michael & Shari Davidson

Friday 06/27/2014 16:35:45 UTC
like your Canada Day red theme... the chairs and canopy!

It's Friday at noon and still in my Toronto office, but soon will be headed to the cottage for the Canada Day Long weekend! if you know Len and Nancy Biggart (bay just before railway bridge), Floatilla Party tomorrow (saturday)!
20 Larry Murphy

Saturday 06/14/2014 16:59:10 UTC
Sorry folks for the recent problems entering new comments in the guestbook. It now appears fixed! 6(^)6
19 Steve Horn

Tuesday 11/05/2013 22:39:46 UTC
Uh oh...the chairs are gone and the stick is on the deck. ;;)
18 The Onyskows

Saturday 05/04/2013 14:19:17 UTC
We Davidsons have been going up to this region of the Severn since the late 60's (our parent's cottage was near Hydro Glen)and we boated out of Lantern. My brother Michael is on Rattlesnake road, my brother John is on Ormimat, my sister Cathie is on Lion Head Bay road, and our family is on South Sparrow Lake road. You are absolutely right when you say cottage life is the best life! We love being at the cottage as much as we can. We see the sweetest sunsets, and if lucky catch some amazing northern lights. Thanks for sharing your pics and webcam with us!
17 Mike

Tuesday 04/30/2013 02:11:44 UTC
Hi. Just ran across this. Very nice webcam pics. I have a place nearby. Thanks for sharing. Mike
16 Don

Wednesday 04/17/2013 12:38:55 UTC
Just wanted to say thank you for letting us all in with your view of the severn. I have been planning a renovation of a Bunkie all winter and waiting for the ice out with worry as we know nobody that could tell us what is going on with the river. Vacations are planed for the 20th and 27 of this month for the reno. With your cam I have been able to get a much better idea and worry a little less. As we are near severn falls lost channel the area should be close to the same. So thank you again and all the best Don
15 Isabel and David

Tuesday 04/02/2013 11:24:18 UTC
We have been checking your webcam each day, and anxiously await the opportunity to head up to Hydro Glen when road conditions permit. Is Friends of the Severn a website or FB?

Have a great day B-)
14 Deb and Ken

Sunday 03/31/2013 17:17:16 UTC
We are down in sunny Florida right now and check your webcam daily to see when it is safe to return to Ontario. Luv it!!

Deb and Ken

Hydro Glen
13 Bill Henry

Monday 02/18/2013 21:31:35 UTC
FYI: I was the 1000th visitor. (do I win a prize?)
12 Brian & Debbie Palin

Friday 01/25/2013 00:09:31 UTC
Hello all,

Just got this site info from Bill Henry! My parents were the original builders & owners of the "Murphy" cottage (1956-1965). It was a great place & I was very sad when my parents chose to sell. My wife & I had a quick tour of the cottage with Kevin Jenkins in October 2007 when we were visiting from BC. It certainly brought back many memories from 50 years ago!! Brian
11 Bruce and Maureen Armstrong

Saturday 01/19/2013 18:54:38 UTC
Have been enjoying your site for years. Your new website is fantastic.We are up at Hydro Glen. Happy New Year.
10 John Parsons/Jr.

Thursday 01/10/2013 13:52:15 UTC
Great job Larry look forward to checking out conditions up at the cottage . Dad looks to be updated one day I will get him on the computer to check for himself. :-D
9 chris and barb jennings

Tuesday 01/08/2013 20:03:15 UTC
Great new site

c and B
8 Lynn & Jack Wiseman

Saturday 01/05/2013 21:19:08 UTC
Love the new website. We look at it daily to check the weather up there. I will be looking for Bill's light on tonight.
7 Bill & Pat

Saturday 01/05/2013 00:15:59 UTC
Congrats. on the new site------looks great & looking forward to any further changes. NOTE: if you see a light in the middle of the web cam (black)tomorrow night it is probably ours.
6 Elaine Harkiss-Laird

Tuesday 01/01/2013 16:51:24 UTC
I stumbled across your site several years ago and enjoy checking out the web cam over the winter to see what the weather is like. We are located on the other side of the river almost across from you. My family enjoys checking in from time to time and we love the changes to your site. Happy New Year!! 6(^)6
5 Brian Bettridge

Sunday 12/30/2012 04:01:40 UTC
What a great tribute to your own version of "cottage life". I only got on the river once this year :( but will visit again next summer.
4 Doug Sly

Sunday 12/23/2012 16:03:12 UTC
Appears the Nelson cam is down this weekend. Need a couple more views to pinpoint location. Merry Xmas, (Kath's brother)
3 Flame

Tuesday 12/18/2012 14:53:29 UTC
Nice job Larry!

I do have a hard time with change though.

I guess I will have to work thru it.Can you add a camera on the other side of Hydro Glenn faceing north?
2 Mike

Sunday 12/16/2012 18:27:22 UTC
wow I'm viewer #17 and just about fell out of my chair. Nice shots. I do agree with Steve however the new camera should be pointed across the river maybe a little more power. keep up the awesome work. I stole a photo last week and put it on Friends of the Severn.

1 Steve Horn

Saturday 12/15/2012 22:41:07 UTC
Great job! Thanks for allowing me to continue living vicariously through your website. My only suggestion would be to add an additional webcam, preferably pointing at the cottage which is located directly behind and adjacent to yours. Yes, this is an excellent suggestion, indeed!


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